Jeanne is an interdisciplinary artist and designer. Her artwork reveals the content and context of information and communicates them in graphical form with the devices of human culture, technology, language, and other symbols. The physical objects are time-based projections, installations, and works on paper. Work, play, and time are the conceptual centerpieces of several series of animations. Each takes a unique perspective on global society where their meanings unite and fracture us.

Work uses the computer environment as the backdrop or set of several animations that deal with issues of human rights, economics, and culture through the use of metaphors and the seductive environment of the computer with language. Play incorporates issues of time and its passage through the use of the metaphoric computer environment. Multiplying Time blends reality, repetition, memory, and serendipity and recontextualizes a perceptual structure or pattern that emerges and submerges as it crisscrosses dimensionally in time touching the past, present, and future. Memories are experienced both individually and collectively through various means and media and when they collide, their there is found.

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